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Property for Rent in Dubai with Central A/C
 Location Studio 1-Bedroom 2-Bedroom 3-Bedroom
 Sheikh Zayed Road 38K - 48K 55K - 65K 75K - 85K 100K - 120K
 Riqqah & Muraqabat 33K - 36K 39K - 43K 55K - 60K 65K - 75K
 Satwah 26K - 30K 37K - 42K 47K - 57K 62K - 75K
 Bor Saeed 30K - 32K 38K - 43K 50K - 55K 65K - 70K
 Oud Metha 30K - 35K 40K - 45K 55K - 65K 75K - 90K
 Abu Hail 32K - 35K 35K - 40K 55K - 70K 70K - 75K
 Nasser Square 24K - 28K 33K - 35K 40K - 45K 50K - 55K
 Al Mamzar Riqqah 30K - 35K 35K - 40K 50K - 65K 70K - 80K
 Qusais 25K 40K 55K 70K
Property for Rent in Dubai without Central A/C
 Location Studio 1-Bedroom 2-Bedroom 3-Bedroom
 Sheikh Zayed Road 0K 0K 0K 0K
 Riqqah & Muraqabat 33K - 37K 45K - 50K 56K - 62K 0K
 Satwah 33K - 35K 43K - 45K 55K - 60K 0K
 Bor Saeed 33K - 36K 45K - 48K 58K - 60K 0K
 Oud Metha 35K - 40K 50K - 60K 70K - 85K 0K
 Abu Hail 30K - 35K 40K - 45K 60K - 70K 0K
 Nasser Square 29K - 32K 38K - 39K 46K - 49K 0K
 Al Mamzar Riqqah 32K - 34K 43K - 48K 65K - 70K 0K
 Qusais 30K 45K 65K 0K
Rates as of November 2013
Prices listed above are in "K" (thousand) UAE Dirhams [AED] per year.
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