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City of Arabia is a mixed-use tourism development project being built in Dubailand. The AED 7.2 billion (US$ 1.96 billion) will occupy 20 million square feet (1.86 million square meters) and be home to over 35,000 residents. City of Arabia will feature a huge shopping mall, a breathtaking dinosaur theme park, and residential and commercial towers.

Elite Towers (Residential and Commercial Areas)
The residential and commercial area of City of Arabia will contain 34 towers. Four towers will be 60-storeys and be used for commercial and hotel tenants. Twenty 45-storey towers will be allocated for mixed commercial and residential use, while the remaining 10 towers will be 30-storeys high and will be exclusive residential apartments. The hotel towers include a five-star 400-room property built over the entrance of The Mall of Arabia, a boutique hotel on an island in City of Arabia's 11 km (6.84 mile) canal, and a 45-storey tower near Emirates Road. Some of the towers include Arabian Crowne, Windsor Residencial Apartments, and The Crescent.

The Mall of Arabia
Predicted to be the world's largest shopping mall, the Mall of Arabia will cover 10 million square feet (0.93 million square meters), have four levels and around 1,000 outlets, contain its own theater, 15-screen cinema and have parking spaces for 10 thousand cars. The retail outlets will be grouped together according to their type and will include the top brands in luxury goods, household items, consumer electronics, children’s toys, and more. Along with the retail outlets, the mall's themed zones will also contain restaurants, cafes, and entertainment outlets. The shopping mall will be circular in shape and have an ancient Middle Eastern exterior, with the vast theater and auditorium at its center.

Restless Planet Dinosaur Park
This theme park will be developed in collaboration with the Natural History Museum of London and contain three rides and over 100 life-like and life-size animatronic dinosaurs. There will be around 34 different dinosaur species that will be programmed to move, roar, and even walk. This 500 thousand square foot (46.45 thousand square meter) fully air-conditioned theme park will also feature a scientific exhibition of real dinosaur fossil remains, which will give the park an educational twist. Restless Planet will be accessible through the second level of the Mall of Arabia and will be covered by an 85 meter (279 foot) high dome.

Wadi Walk
The City of Arabia canal will be lined with shops, restaurants and cafes, and a fleet of water taxis will connect the residential areas to the mall and theme park. The Wadi Towers will be a complex of 5-storey buildings with Mediterranean architecture along canal with a total of 1,600 apartments.

The Mall of Arabia and the Restless Planet are set to open in the spring of 2008, while the residential and commercial buildings will be completed by the end of 2007. City of Arabia will be connected together by its own monorail system and will be accessible from the Dubai International Airport by the Dubai Light Railway. City of Arabia will be located along Emirates Road and will be next to the Global Village.

Expected Completion Date - In 2008
Real Estate Developer - Ilyas and Mustafa Galadari Group
Location - Dubailand, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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