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Falcon City of Wonders, also known as FalconCity, is a 100 acre (405 thousand square meter) development being built within Dubailand. The AED 5.5 billion (US$ 1.5 billion) project will be a multi-faceted residential, tourist, entertainment and recreational destination that will contain residential apartments, villas, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, health clubs and spas, schools and parks.

Falcon City of Wonders will be a unique tourist attraction, as it will capture the spirit of ancient civilizations and contain architectural marvels of the world, combined with modern facilities. It will be a city shaped like a falcon and contain life-size replicas of seven wonders of the world - the Great Pyramid in Giza, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Lighthouse at Alexandria, Taj Mahal, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Eiffel Tower and the Great Wall of China.

The Great Pyramid in Giza will contain residential flats, offices and retail outlets and the Babylonian Gardens will comprise luxury apartments, restaurants and coffee shops. The Light House of Alexandria will consist of hotels and retail outlets and the Taj Mahal will comprise hotels and restaurants. Luxury apartments and retail outlets will be the main features of the Eiffel Tower, while the Great Wall of China will encircle the Pharaohs Theme Park located within the fun city. The residential villas (The Villas) will constitute the wings of the falcon and will come as detached, semi-detached and townhouse villas.

The project is being developed in five overlapping phases, with the first phase is expected to begin by the first quarter of 2006.

Expected Completion Date - Unknown
Real Estate Developer - Falconcity of Wonders LLC & Salem Al Moosa Enterprise
Location - Dubailand, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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